Happy Valentine’s Day

Today being Valentine’s day, made me ponder over what really love means. Not that am a genius trying to redefine what great thinkers have time and again pondered over. My own little creative mind needed some food for thought and what better day could it be to define love than Valentine’s !

The word love, almost always brings the word “amma” to my mind. Mother is truly the most loving being in this world and her love towards her children is always selfless. My own mother used to always tend to us like a diligent gardener tends to her plants. She groomed us every day, fed us with tasty food and always ensured our every single need was fulfilled , even before we voiced it to her. She was also a very keen learner and a great teacher. She taught us by example, how to be determined and learn to be a better individual by being a better listener. To quote one instance of her great personality, she challenged herself to ride a scooter when she was 40. Having had no prior experience riding anything all her life, she first learnt to drive the bicycle. Every night, she would take her friend to our school campus, ride her bike and come home proud with bruises. She would say, I am learning to drive better each day and lived up to her challenge! After she fell a few times from the bicycle, she learnt the scooter comparatively easily and mastered it over a short period of time, much to the astonishment of her peers! She continues to be an inspiration and my first valentine to this day. Love you amma!



Second comes father. My beloved dad, whom I used to be scared of as a kid and never spoke to much, sheerly because there was always mom to do the mediation 😀 Years after, when mom passed away, dad starting looking after me with extreme love. Double the times my mother loved me and never ever let me feel helpless without mom around to take care of me. He woke up every single day at 5.30 AM, made me breakfast and packed my lunch on time for me to catch the college bus at 6.15 AM. In my dad, I see my mother’s love as well as a father figure who sacrificed his life for my well-being. To this day, he has never said no to any of my wishes and always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. So here’s my valentines wishes to darling dad !!



Third come my sweethearts, my beloved friends. They come in different sizes and shapes, but their essence is the same. I am a married woman now, and my husband is also among my friends now. To me, my friends’ love is extremely special, as they never expect anything from me, but are always there for me. This might sound like a cliche, however, this is what I truly experienced through several ups and downs in life. My friends always have been there for me when I needed them by my side. As a shoulder to cry, as people who simply wanted me to keep laughing (read as putting mokkai :)) and forever made life beautiful. They’ve always believed in me more than I do myself. Here’s a major shout out to each of my friends who are my valentines for life.


On this valentines day, cherish every person who makes you laugh and makes life beautiful. Happy Valentines Day !! May love prevail !!



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