Feeling alive again :)

It’s yet another working day and the morning routine as a wife never changes (yes, I have been married for a year now). Starting with coffee, breakfast watching news and packing our lunch-boxes to leave for work, not a single thing seems to be indispensable. Office work is ever so mundane regardless what I do as my passions lie elsewhere from computers ☺

Since I get a good 30 minutes walk to work, I get to observe various sorts of people on the road. Sydney is ever so bustling with office goers in the morning. Fitness freaks carrying their work shoes in a bag and running with their canvas shoes and gym gear on, people waiting at the coffee places to grab a bite and get their morning coffee, beggars sitting on road sides with sign boards for help, taxis whirring around to drop people at their destinations, store owners trying to get their first customers for the day, smoke from cigarettes filling the air with their pungency, earphones around everyone’s faces and a grim feeling of getting to work to face their bosses. Yet there’s love in the city, which makes lives move on with their routine. Husbands kissing their wives goodbye before parting ways to their workplaces, mothers waving affectionately to their kids before they board the train to get to school, old couple walking hand in hand and in deep discussion with each other about the world, youngsters whispering little nothings on their phones to their loved ones before cutting the phone call and strangers ever-willing to lend a hand to someone who fell down at the pavement while rushing up to work. And these little things of love and joy somehow seem to take over the rest of the world, ever strengthening my belief that it’s not the laws of science, but the power of love that makes this small world of ours spin around each day and helps her get on with her routine of revolving around the sun. Today, I feel alive and inspired to write again and here’s to a new beginning!! ☺



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