Fortune Favors the Bold!

There is something in me that am constantly in need of excitement and adventure.. out of this world, always wanting more than I can imagine doing. It’s this drive that could get me into a great soup someday or take me to great heights of fame. What it is, only time can tell. When you break your mental barriers and try flying, the sky is the limit!
It was a nice Sunday morning in Sydney and everyone was cozily wrapped in their beds. The streets where still dark and it was drizzling when I woke up – it was 6.15 AM in the morning. I wish I could have just gone back to bed without troubling myself with the ordeal ahead.
There was a huge lump in my throat and realized I had to do it. My friend was fast asleep beside me. She had every reason to enjoy her Sunday, no qualms about the holiday whatsoever, unlike me, whose stomach was knotted all the way down my throat. I could hardly sleep the previous night. I woke up grubby and afraid – but also excited to face the day ahead. If I could do it, I would have reason to feel proud of myself – my 25 years of mere existence would finally get some meaning. I wanted to live my life, but life had been rude to me in more than one way. Now let me stop complaining and boring my audience and talk about the subject in hand – my big day.
What started out as a fun thing, a quest for adventure, had left me with varying dimensions of intrigue and fear, if I can say so. Firstly, my friend who wanted to take it up with me, backed out due to bad health reasons. I had no clue of doing this alone; I was clearly risking my life and had not even told my folks about it. So what if I died mid-air? Who would take the corpse? Who would inform my dad?.. She(my friend) did manage to find another friend of hers who was crazy enough to try it out with me. But Saturday evening, this girl called me and said – I am not sure I want to do it. And my heart jumped out of my throat. How would I know that she would be there at the pick-up point the next morning? How would she identify me? Would I be able to do it alone? This was a strange land and if something bad were to happen to me, I wouldn’t have much choice …
But then, if I did die, I would have something exciting to my credit – something for my 25 years. This was the only thought that kept me ticking. Adding to this was the fact that a lot of people challenged me to do it- mocked at me. I wanted to prove them wrong and show them I could do better than that.
All said, I set out all packed for my big day.
6.45 AM at the pick-up point – I was the first one present. I have something about myself that wants me to be Numero Uno everywhere. 🙂 Then there came Cath – pink jacket, beautiful eyes, face pale with fear – she looked equally scared. We introduced ourselves to each other and started filling in forms which said – in the event of our death, the emergency contact number would be used for all communication. We were petrified, muttered small prayers beneath our breath and went for signing-up after fighting the deep desire within ourselves to run out of the door and go back to bed – in PEACE.
The mini-van started at five past 7 from the city. It was a long ride to the country side. They had told us it would take an hour. We found another girl (Emma) to our company who had come all alone to do it, but had some experience before. That didn’t seem to help much as she looked scared too.
Off we went, trying to stay calm, thousands of questions in our minds. I realized that Cath also hadn’t told her parents about it and wanted it to be a surprise to them.
We arrived at Wollondilly at 8.15 AM. It was a cloudy day, so there was not much of the Sun that we could see. The countryside looked adorable with camels, horses and cows grazing around the green pastures. It was clearly a happy day in their worlds. We could also see some para-sailors gloriously coming down on their chutes.
The receptionist showed us an old sofa to be seated. We needed to empty our tummies, drink more water and stay calm. The plane which would take us was an old rickety thing with a single propeller. Emma told us about her previous experiences as Cath and I stared at her. Cath told us about her dream the previous night where she imagined losing her teeth – which she said was symbolic of a frightful future happening.
We met our adorable trainers, Lori and Kobi at 8.30 AM. I was with Lori, Cath with Kobi. They gave us all the gear and told us how to do it – take off and landing. We were video graphed from the moment we wore our gears. Having had only the experience from a duck race in my third grade, I was clearly the last one around there to be trying this. But, I went for the kill (or call it suicide? ;)).
9.00 AM – we were inside the plane. Off we went. Lori had beautifully put it – Tied to a stranger and some Nylon ropes for darling life. We went up to 14000 feet above the sea level. Only clouds. Beautiful white clouds everywhere. It felt like heaven. I could almost see the Gods around there – Rama, Krishna, Govinda, my mind went abuzz with all names I could think of – please save me and before I could sense it, I was out of the plane. Lori had given me a gentle push. We were against the air – atmospheric pressure pressing hard against our bodies, the cold tearing our skin, jaws and cheeks apart(figuratively), and I did a somersault in the air. There was no ground to be seen beneath. I felt like a bird, I felt very powerful, I knew I was above everything now – love, lust, hate, caste, creed, everything human. I felt like a GOD 🙂
The feeling lasted for a good 40 seconds after which the parachute came up. The first sights of land again. Lori was gently sailing the chute while I drank the views around me – mountains, seas, land, and green meadows. I loved the earthly world. I was a human again. I yelled out “I love everything, everybody” in air. I was clearly in love with the world.
The descent felt beautiful till I realized I had to land and couldn’t feel my feet. Or hands. My body had gone numb in the cold. I was supposed to put my feet up in the air in order not to hurt them and land on my butt. I felt scared once again. I told Lori I couldn’t do it and she told me “Come on, even 70 year old grandpas can do it – why not you”? But I couldn’t put my feet above the way she had told me, inspite of multiple desperate attempts. She then beautifully lifted my legs with her own and helped me land smoothly, effortlessly, fearlessly. I couldn’t thank her enough. I hugged her and felt I wanted to do it again sometime. Cath too had landed. We hugged each other.
I felt absolute, eternal bliss. I couldn’t hear or see what was happening around me. My mind kept replaying the jump. The skydive!!
I had done it! I felt so proud of myself. Never once in my life had I felt as happy or excited.
If you need a break, go for the jump – it’s a welcome break to one’s self confidence. It gives a whole new perspective about life. Life ain’t anything. But every experience, every moment counts. And to make it count, is totally in our hands.


5 thoughts on “Fortune Favors the Bold!

  1. happy b’day dear..:).. for the post part.. u made it sound so real, infact i could imagine the state of mind.. by the way is this for the indiblogger Melbourne contest?? if not post it.. i am sure it fits in the topic..

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