Call it coincidence?

The twenty second of February 2011 (22-2-11) began like any other day for me and my best friend Ragesh who travel to office together in his car.

As we started out from our homes at Kalpakkam and drove along the ECR to reach office, I suddenly realized that our car had come in between two vehicles – a Fortuner and a Tempo Traveller, both of which had the number plate reading 222. When I called my friend’s attention to it, he shouted saying it was Nielson’s number- any number with the same digit repeating thrice…And in England, people would jump off their shoes when they see a Nielson’s number! That, David Shepherd would always jump scoring a Nielson’s number on the pitch!!

Then as we drove on, we found the sign post on the ECR-OMR connecting road, which read Chennai-22, Sholinganallur-2. This again reminded us of the date and we spoke of how ’11 was a divisor of 22 by 2 times and were appreciating the date 😉

We soon observed a small carrier-auto kind of vehicle which was loaded with a huge oscillating weight. As we were discussing how risky it could be for the driver when he applied sudden brakes, we saw the vehicle landing near a vessel which was labeled 22 – waste water.

We saw yet another bunch of vehicles with 22 as the registration series. Our driver exclaimed that the vehicles belonged to Meenambakkam airport area.

After all the observations made and all remarks said, we completely forgot that it was one of our friend’s wedding day!!! 😀

The following day, we spoke about how Nature had tried to be suggestive about the date in its own beautiful ways.

I chanced upon an article in RD which spoke about a similar, but more profound coincidence. The story narrates how a Hungarian photographer misses his usual train to work in order to meet an ailing friend, to meet a man (in the later train), reading a Hungarian newspaper. On speaking to him, the author finds out he is orphaned and homeless due to the Nazi movement and that his wife was sent to a concentration camp. Apparently, the author had met his wife a few months back and having heard her story, taken down her address in his notebook. After a few questions, the author dials the lady’s number from a booth and it gets proven that the man and woman are husband and wife!

The author concludes saying the man he met in the late train would not have met his wife if he had not missed his regular one and wonders if it was God who was driving the train.He leaves it to the readers to decide whether it was Divine Providence or sheer probability of occurrence of a certain set of events.

Yet another friend of mine, while talking about coincidences, remarked saying – once on his way home from office (in the office bus), a lady who boarded the bus at Pallikaranai sat beside him. While signing the register he noticed her ID. It was 131286 — same as his date of birth. Call it a coincidence?? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Call it coincidence?

  1. If tat lady beside him bcoms his would be then its a coincidence :p.. loks like u had a many sorts of coincidence like tis..Wat did u lose to get it back Kalpaka 😀

  2. hehe cool post kalpaka! Yes such coincidences do exist! And yes 22nd Feb is my birthday and Rags forgot! hehe! I apparently failed to notice 22/02/2002 until someone reminded me about all 2’s. I am looking forward to 22/02/2020 and 22/02/2022. I will unfortunately not be alive to see 22/02/2222, but I hope my posterity will celebrate it in my memory! LOL!

  3. @ Bajji – Thanks a ton for the suggestions and support 🙂

    @ Raj – he he he.. peraasa pada koodadhu 😛

    @ Ragesh – that friend was Bajji machi 🙂 and you forgot Nivi’s engagement also which fell on the same day!! 😛

    @ Maithreyi – Thank you for visiting my blog :), we will celebrate your next birthday with all 2’s in grandeur!!! 😀

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